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Saturday, December 25, 2010
New Artist: Jessie J

I'd meant to include this in the British Invasion post I just did but I think this artist deserves a post of her own. Jessie J. Born and raised in Essex, the British singer/songwriter has arrived on the scene with her debut release Do It Like A Dude which has in my opinion, more attitude and swagger than Nicki Minaj could ever muster. And here's an interesting nugget of information, she wrote Miley Cyrus' international SMASH Party In The USA, and according to Jessie, was the first song she wrote when she was just starting out and could not believe it when it went to #1. Also, her first release Do It Like A Dude was written for Rihanna. But could Rihanna ever pull off a track as well as Jessie can herself? No.

She's promised us she's a "good girl" and is one of the few songs, if not the only one that has swearing. Nevertheless, I see this as a Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl-esque attention-grabbing track to get people talking and buzzing about her. Now, before you run off with the assumption Jessie can't sing, I'm incredibly pleased to tell you she can. REALLY WELL. Well, she's got Justin Timberlake and Dr. Luke as fans. Timberlake has said that she has the best voice in the entire universe right now. Or something to that extent.

Nevertheless, I'm falling in love with her with every listen, and you can check out some of her best performances below that really show off those pipes. I also really, really love Who You Are. Amazing, woman this. And if you still aren't impressed, Christina Aguilera, Matt Cardle and Leona Lewis' camps have all reached out to her. Impressed yet?

And is it just me, or does her talking voice sound really similar to Vanessa White of The Saturdays?


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