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Saturday, December 25, 2010
Big News: 2011 in Music Part II - British Invasion

2010 has been a successful year for boybands, with JLS' continued success, McFly's bloody awesome Shine A Light of a single, Take That's coming back together and #1 album, X Factor's One Direction taking third place in the final etc. Also, there's a new British band, namely The Wanted, who aren't strangers to the #1 spot on the UK Singles Chart, or #2 for that matter, after All Time Low and Heart Vacancy peaked respectively at those positions. Their latest single Lose My Mind, though, hasn't been doing too well. After a performance on The X Factor, Lose My Mind peaked a little too early at #29 in the UK. I blame the premature performance on The X Factor. Nevertheless, Siva of The Wanted talked to Digital Spy earlier about the band's plans for next year.

First off, the boys are going to tour next year and they said that a funfair theme seen in the Lose My Mind video might be incorporated into the tour. You can "expect a lot of wacky shows", and they "want to entertain and put as much of us into the performance as we can".

Secondly, the boys ARE planning to invade America. They've apparently lined up two weeks of recording and writing with various producers and writers. That's for a second album by the way. The boys have been signed to Def Jam over in the States and "hopefully try to release All Time Low".

When questioned about a fourth single lifted from their debut album, Siva said he wasn't too sure and that most likely there wasn't going to be another single. Pity then, their debut album has so much potential - Replace Your Heart, Hi And Low, Weakness and Made could rocket The Wanted to superstar status if they all became hits. Mismanagement screws up the album. Where have we seen this before.. *coughTheSaturdayscough*

Next up is Alexandra Burke who won The X Factor in 2008 and has skyrocketed to pop superstardom in the UK - with #1 singles Hallelujah, Bad Boys feat. Flo Rida and Start Without You. Her debut album Overcome has also managed the same feat over on the albums chart and has gone double platinum. Naturally, Burke has started talking about her second album.

On Twitter, she announced she was in New York to record with producer/songwriter Autumn Rowe and Qiana Conley. Talking about the new material for her sophomore set, she's said that "it's going to be a lot sexier and a lot more fun. None of the songs I've recorded that were meant for Overcome will make it onto album two". Thank goodness for that, we don't want some random weak material on the second album..

Also, the plan's to take the sophomore album to the States. To be honest, I think she can really make it in the States because she's the most charismatic performer after Leona Lewis.

When asked about her upcoming debut headlining tour, Burke said "I cannot wait for this tour! It's going to be something very, very special. When I go out to a club, I love dancing to uptempo songs and letting my hair down, so that's what I want the audience to have when they come to the tour. I want them to get to know me a little bit better, but at the same time I want it to be a night out for them. I want it to be fun, vibrant, bubbly and exciting! I want them to feel how I feel when I go out and that's why I've called it the 'All Night Long Tour'."

2011 in Music Part III - British Invasion II will be coming up soon.

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