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Friday, January 14, 2011
Big News: David Cook works with Ryan Tedder!

The producer we all love to hate - Ryan Tedder, apparently has worked with David Cook for his upcoming sophomore album. Oh dear, it could go in the way of Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love or the robotic production of Happy. But he is featured on Far East Movement's Rocketeer which is a guilty pleasure of mine currently.

Katie Krause, an Entertainment Host, Writer & Producer for Hollywire, has tweeted that Cook has finished tracking/mixing for the as-yet-untititled album, and that he wants to return to Idol and tour the world.

But the juicy news about working with Ryan Tedder came in the form of a later tweet where she said "Oh -- and he LOVED working with Ryan Tedder, said they shared a Tulsa connection with one another."

Now, this could be at least something to look forward to. When Ryan Tedder's good, he's really really good. And this could spell perhaps a poppier direction of Cook's new material? Either way, I'm excited.

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