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Thursday, January 20, 2011
Big News: Britney Spears & Avril Lavigne smell early success

As if we expected anything less, Britney's new single Hold It Against Me experienced so much success in it's first week. Here are just some stats to show how much success the original pop princess has experienced in the post-Gaga era.

- In its first week, Hold It Against Me has sold an outstanding 411, 000 copies, enough to send her straight to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 (only the 18th song to ever do so) and #16 on the US Pop Songs Chart. It's also currently the fourth biggest first-week sales tally in digital history.
- Hold It Against Me has topped the charts in 3 other countries (besides US) only in its first week - New Zealand, both of Belgium's charts, and Canada, coming close at #2 in Norway.
- It broke the record for the most first day spins in the US, beating out Mariah Carey's Touch My Body back in '08.
- Britney has also matched Mariah for multiple debuts at #1 on the Hot 100.
- Hold It Against Me's UK release got pushed up to January 17th due to overwhelming demand and she's at #6 on the midweeks.

Is there anything she can't do? However, despite all this success, lots of fans are expecting Spears to "really bring it" this era, including dancing. Hmmmm. Surely she couldn't have been spending that month or two in the dance studio doing nothing right?

So how's Avril Lavigne coping? Well, besides tweeting out a picture of her middle finger, the pop/punk/rock singer is as feisty as ever, and while What The Hell may bring us right back to 2007, it's all fine and fun as the single is catchier than the flu. Audiences around the world are also responding positively, with critics raving about the single. While Avril might not have as much first week sales as Britney has experienced, her numbers aren't too shabby either, selling 163, 000 copies in its first week and debuting at #13 on the Hot 100. Check out the peak positions in the countries she's charted so far.

Belgium (Ultratip Flanders) - #21
Belgium (Ultratip Wallonia) - #35
Canadian Hot 100- #8
Czech Republic (IFPI) - #43
Netherlands (Mega Single Top 100) - #98
New Zealand (RIANZ) - #32
Japan Adult Contemporany Airplay (Billboard) - #1
Japan Hot 100 (Billboard) - #2
Slovakia (IFPI) - #54
US Billboard Hot 100 - #13
US Billboard Hot Digital Songs - #6
US Adult Pop Songs (Billboard) - #32
US Pop Songs (Billboard) - #38

Lavigne's also a spot in the Top 35 on the UK midweeks.

That's not too bad considering she doesn't have half the buzz Britney's been getting. RCA has also been rather messy with promotion as well.. Well if she flops, I'll be out for blood.

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