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Thursday, March 17, 2011
Big News: New J.Lo track hits web!

Jennifer Lopez' music career is definitely back in resurgence thanks to the powers that are American Idol and RedOne. But of course, J.Lo might have a hit right now with On The Floor but she needs to secure at least another hit and have a decent impact with her upcoming album to have a proper "comeback". Reports have said that J.Lo has a Carribean/dance track, straight-up dancefloor anthem and an urban song that she's contemplating for the next single.

A new track surfaced recently called Invading My Mind which sounds like it could be the full-on club track she was talking about. Check it out below - it's pretty hot but generic. I liked Jenny's On The Floor because of the unique Latin flavour, but this track could have easily been handed over to someone like Rihanna. So let's hope this isn't one of the potential single choices.

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