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Saturday, March 12, 2011
Melissa Molinaro - Dance Floor [Music Video Premiere]

Melissa Smith. Remember her? The girl that reached the Top 4 on the Pussycat Dolls: Search For The Next Doll reality TV competition? Well if you do, and if you follow her career, you'll know that she tried to make a mark with the release of pop ballad I Believed. She even went as far as to make a music video for it. While that was nice, it failed to make any impact and she disappeared for a while again.

Then she landed a role playing a popstar Venus on the movie Commander, where she performed her second single Lost In Love. But it appears, now she's back with a new stage name Melissa Molinaro and has just premiered the video for her new single Dance Floor a couple days ago. The video's nice enough, and she's making the most of her budget, but I just wish they'd use less autotune on the verses and bridges.

Nevertheless, I don't see this becoming a hit, but she definitely deserves better material. Robin Antin missed out on casting Melissa Smith/Molinaro alongside the other PCD: SFTND finalists Asia, Melissa R. and Chelsea Korka to form a girl group.

Those 4 girls slayed left and right with their dancing and were all decent singers. Pity there was so much bitching amongst them on the show though. I recently went back to watch that and I've gotta say, Robin really missed out on the jackpot. But if you're wondering what happened to the other three girls, Chelsea's in another girl group called Paradiso Girls, Melissa R. went back to the Phillipines and Asia.. Well, God only knows what happened to her.

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