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Tuesday, March 8, 2011
The Wanted - Gold Forever [Music Video Premiere] + Comic Relief

A couple days ago, the boys of The Wanted premiered the video for their Comic Relief single Gold Forever, a slice of electronica-infused pop that starts out slow as a nice ballad before bursting into a ginormous, infectious electronica tune. But my first impression of this song wasn't great. Meh, I thought. Sounded old/tacky (especially the electronica-infused part), but nevertheless, it has somewhat grown on me. The music video unfortunately, isn't great. What was supposed to be a rather belated Christmas house party looked like a cheap studio built up to look like a house. Hmmmm. Guess Alexandra Burke did better with that one for her All Night Long video.

Nevertheless, while the video has completely no link to the actual song, the boys brought their energy to the Let's Dance for Comic Relief show and debuted Gold Forever on TV. Their vocals didn't sound half bad too. Definitely infectious.

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