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Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Big News: Demi Lovato ready to get back!

After her stint in a rehabilitation centre, Disney teen star Demi Lovato released a video via Cambio to update fans on her recent life and talking about her problems, of which she says "The journey that I’ve been on has been very, very difficult over the past few months. I was dealing with issues that I know not only girl just my age, but of all ages are dealing with.. I hope to one day raise awareness of everything just so I can help people, too, just like you guys helped me through this rough time. I can’t tell you how much light you guys brought into my life in probably the darkest time in my life,” Lovato adds. “Without you guys I wouldn’t be here today."

Looking happy and healthy. I really want this girl back in the music scene. Will she return to Disney? Who knows..?

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