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Thursday, March 17, 2011
Big News: The Saturdays do Twitter Q&A!

After recently closing their sold-out UK headlining tour The Headlines Tour, The Saturdays went to help Marie Curie with their daffodil appeal, before going into the studio to work on their upcoming album slated for release later this year. Busy bees, then. But even still, Mollie, Rochelle and Una took over The Saturdays' Twitter account to answer some fan's questions. Below, I've rounded out all the questions that matter.

@FrankieGER asked Mollie if they'd be heading to Germany to do promotion for Higher, which serves as their introductory single in Europe, with which Mollie replied with "@FrankieGER definitely! we can't wait to come over!! we"re coming this summer so look out! xx

However, when questioned about the title of the recently finished single (confirmed by Rochelle), Mollie was mum, only telling fans to "stay tuned for news".

After Mollie, it was Rochelle's turn to answer some questions and when a fan asked Rochelle on how she'd describe the new single in one word, Rochelle replied with "It's different/fierce". Mmmmm. Can't wait.

But those of you who are waiting for a JLS-The Saturdays collab, it appears that might not happen, as Rochelle finds it "really odd!", before continuing saying "So no, they make great music by themselves". Ooh.

While Una hasn't gone on their Twitter yet, when she does, I'll update this post. Looks like The Saturdays have yet another busy year ahead of them!

UPDATE: Una did her Twitter Party on her account instead after The Saturdays' account went overcapacity.

When asked when the band would do Live Lounge again, Una said "hope so, for the next single!"

That's pretty much it. Yup.

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