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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Big News: Go behind the scenes of Jennifer Lopez' On The Floor!

Thanks to MTV, we get to see a little behind the scenes look at Jennifer Lopez' new upcoming single On The Floor featuring Pitbull, which was shot last weekend. Of course, Pitbull had to introduce the video and completely mess up, saying he was on the set of J. Lo's Hit The Floor. RIGHT.

Nevertheless, we saw J. Lo playing a club owner, who oversees the entire underground club. Now, it might be just me, but I'm seeing a flashback of Alesha Dixon's video for Drummer Boy fused with Alexandra Burke's All Night Long, which incidentally also features Pitbull. But hey, at least she's playing the pop star part with the outrageous costume (that we saw) and her looking pretty much drop dead gorgeous.

PS. I have watched Season 10, and I must say.. I'm loving everything so far.

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