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Thursday, September 15, 2011
Big News: Demi Lovato debuts All Night Long

Skyscraper may be just picking up those radio spins, but Demi Lovato's moving on soon. The Disney starlet promised she'd be doing some hawt R&B/Pop/Dance in the vein of Rihanna and Keri Hilson. Then she laid a smackdown on us with the most sincere ballad from an American artist released this year with Skyscraper.

Now though, she's actually bringing the R&B/Dance fusion with her upcoming album Unbroken's lead single All Night Long. The song is a bratty track that isn't actually dancey, but it's bold and different from anything Demi's done before. The chorus subtly hits but you know when it hits, and the repetitive "all night long" hook keeps the song stuck in your head. In true R&B fashion, Demi's got a rent-a-rapper on board, with Missy Elliot sounding more like Lil Wayne than herself on the track.

It's a good track, but overall, a little messy. Looks like we're getting half of Demi's musical tastes from her previous work (Skyscraper), and keeping up with the trends with All Night Long for her upcoming album. Also, besides the fact that Alexandra Burke has a single with the same title, it actually sounds very Alexandra Burke-ish. Something I see her doing for her next album era.

You can check out the track in all its medium quality glory below.

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