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Monday, September 5, 2011
The Saturdays - All Fired Up live @ Alan Titchmarsh Show + Pixie Lott - All About Tonight live @ Red or Black

It's single release week for The Saturdays and they're battling it out with Pixie Lott's All About Tonight and Leona Lewis' Collide on iTunes at the minute. So hoping they can overtake Pixie Lott on the iTunes Chart, the girl group dropped by the Alan Titchmarsh Show to perform the Xenomania-produced club banger. It's pretty much the same as their performance on British breakfast show This Morning, with the same pre-recorded vocals except in black dresses this time. So they sounded good, looked the part, and when they hit the final chorus, there was a surge in energy and volume as well. Brilliant.

Then we arrive at Pixie Lott's performance of All About Tonight on that new Simon Cowell gameshow to keep his reign over British telly and a slot where his favourite acts can pimp their new singles. If The Saturdays don't land an X Factor promotional slot, I will cut him. Nevertheless, Pixie managed to land herself this performance slot a night after Leona Lewis debuted Collide, and it's unfortunate Pixie didn't do great with this performance.

The whole performance was rather cheesy, starting off with Pixie standing in the middle of four other Pixie holograms, and lip-syncing her way through the performance until she left her holograms and walked out towards the crowd. Shame. Then there was that shameless dubstep dance breakdown a la Cheryl Cole where Pixie tried to show she could dance as well. No, it wasn't impressive. It came off as contrived.

Overall, it was a bland performance. I want Mama Do and Boys And Girls Pixie Lott back. And since she keeps harping on the fact her upcoming sophomore album will be more soulful, I'm going to take her word for it. Or else she'll be lost in the shuffle of generic British pop stars.

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