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Friday, April 1, 2011
Billboard Update

Katy Perry has finally overtaken Lady Gaga, as E.T. surges forward, hitting #1, making it Perry's fourth consecutive chart topper, while Rihanna and Cee Lo Green are right on her tail, with S&M making a new peak of #2 while F**k You! moves up a spot to #3 while Gaga herself falls to #4. Jennifer Lopez' addictive club stomper On The Floor has flown up to #10, after making a tiny slip to #13 last week. Adele's Rolling In The Deep has returned to the Top 20, hitting #17 this week, just a couple spots away from its peak so far at #13. Christina Perri, Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne are at #21, #23 and #24 respectively with Jar of Hearts, Till The World Ends and What The Hell. Selena Gomez' Who Says falls to #28 after debuting at #24 last week. Bruno Mars continues to fly up the chart, with Marry You making a new peak at #37. Jessie J has crawled into the Top 50 with Price Tag inching its way to a new peak of #50. It's album release week and Jennifer Hudson's Where You At continues to rise, moving up to #64. Taylor Swift's newie makes a re-appearance on the chart as Mean re-enters the Hot 100 at #90. A new song from Ke$ha's new remix album, F**k Him He's A DJ debuts at #97.

Over on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, is Chris Brown's F.A.M.E. on top, while Jennifer Hudson's I Remember Me debuts at #2, shoving Adele to #3 as a result. Avril Lavigne falls a sharp drop to #24 with Goodbye Lullaby falling 17 spots down. Ke$ha's I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance The Remix Album arrives on the chart at #36. Well, could be worse. You could be Lee DeWyze who has fallen exactly a 100 spots down to #196 this week.

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