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Friday, April 1, 2011
Big News: David Cook to bring new music!

Coming this April, the wait for new David Cook music will officially be over. On the 19th, his brand new lead single from his upcoming sophomore album will be released. The single, The Last Goodbye, is co-written by Ryan Tedder, which shows Cookie doesn't want to stray too far away from the mainstream, as some of the tracks we've heard on behind the scenes footage all don't sound like they could be radio hits. Even though his self-titled debut album went platinum and shifted about 1.5 million copies in a span of an astonishing (in today's climate) 5 months, that was in 2008, before Gaga came on and brought, well, y'know. Dance freakin' music back.

Of course, with the timing of the release of the single, he'll probably debut it on Idol, and he's also confirmed to play the Farewell Song Don't You Forget (About Me) on Idol as well. Let's hope this does well. *crosses fingers*

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