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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Big News: Girls Aloud to reunite for 2012 World Tour!

Girls Aloud may be made up of 5 gorgeous ladies from the UK, but that doesn't mean they aren't 5 very smart, talented and gorgeous ladies. It appears that Cheryl, Sarah, Nicola, Nadine and Kimberley might be getting back after all! A source says:

The group aim to "capitalise" on Cheryl Cole's rumoured position on The X Factor USA by planning the global gigs.

"Early next year is pencilled in for the reunion tour," a source told the paper. "It's going to be absolutely massive. Cheryl could be a US superstar by then if her appearance on American X Factor goes according to plan this autumn, so they want to capitalise on that.

"It will also be the band's 10-year anniversary in 2012, so the timing is just perfect."

They added: "And with Sarah's wedding being the showbiz marriage of the year, the girls will be back to the height of their fame again."

Concrete, smart plan. Of course, everything's riding on Cheryl Cole's success in the US, but if the US don't accept her, I'm sure there'll be thousands and thousands of fans who aren't from the UK who'd really love for this to happen. I'm just hoping that this isn't just an exaggerated rumour, but since it has been reported by the reliable Digital Spy so I'm counting on this to be true.

And remember, Girls Aloud are still contractually obligated to release three more albums, and it looks like the girls are setting their sights on the entire world. This makes me very bloody excited.

Oh ho. The Saturdays may be the 'it' girl group for now, but they'd better step it up if they want to compete beside Girls Aloud.

In other GA-news, well, Cheryl Cole news, she has mentioned that she's all about the British pop scene right now, and is itching to get back into the studio and has cancelled all plans for the Dizzee Rascal-assisted track Everyone to be released as the third single. This is good news because while there are one or two solid album tracks left on Messy Little Raindrops, none are single-worthy. And I'm sure she wouldn't want to flop again.. After all, her last single The Flood peaked at a measly #18, along with other "final singles" from other British pop acts such as Alexandra Burke's The Silence and The Wanted's Lose My Mind that failed to match past successes.

But just to remind you how great Girls Aloud is, here's just a couple videos..

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