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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Big News: Leona Lewis to go dubstep with next album?

After Britney Spears brought back dubstep to the mainstream pop music industry, it appears Leona Lewis is to jump on the dubstep bandwagon and follow suit. Uhh.. No. Please no.

Leona was amazing on her debut album and songs like Bleeding Love and Run. I personally do not want an Outta My Head knock off. Apparently, Simon's team have requested songwriters to "hand them dubstep and dance tracks with traditional lyrics for the X Factor winner," a source told Heatworld.

"And they’ve specifically stated 'no ballads'," they added.

NO BALLADS. No ballads. That's like saying Taylor Swift and Ke$ha should swap music genres forever. Simon Cowell.. What are you doing?! But of course, Leona will do anything Cowell tells her to, and if it's no ballads, then it's no ballads for this ballad singer.

Ugh. Leona, please don't sell out and create a Run Part 2 with HURTS please. Please.

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