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Thursday, February 10, 2011
Big News: Allison Iraheta talks new music & going forward

Allison Iraheta is not a red head anymore. *SCREAMS* Nevertheless, Iraheta got rid of the red hair which she has been so associated with in favour of a new brunette do. Her natural hair colour is brunette by the way. Anyway, she was recently snapped on the red carpet of Estilo con Causa 2, where Allison performed.

What I'm most surprised at is Allison's transformation, and it's not just the hair. There's a newfound maturity in that girl and she doesn't trip over her words, get all awkward etc. Which is what many people have been so off-put by. Not me though. But it's nice to see Allison so.. Happy. And positive. With the entire dropped from label bullcrap that surrounded her the second half of the year last year.

Looks like she's really moving forward. She describes the new music as darker, grittier and edgier.

Is it possible to love this girl more? Never thought so, but I stan for her even more now.

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