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Thursday, February 10, 2011
Big News: Lady Gaga releases "Born This Way" single cover!

I know I haven't exactly been on the front of Lady Gaga's single/album news but to say I never liked her would be a lie. She has created some pop gems, the best of them all being Paparazzi. In fact, I liked the entire The Fame era where she was contemporary, humble, sweet and just good really. I was just alright with The Fame Monster but that might change with a new album in the pipeline. Or not. Nevertheless, Gaga announced some lyrics (or all?) of the words to the upcoming single Born This Way. They were completely and utterly cheesy. But there was a line that stood out for me - "Don't be a drag, be a queen" which I thought was a brilliant play on words.

Nevertheless, I'm anticipating to see how this era will pan out for one of the most anticipated releases this year. And that single cover you see above, I actually think it doesn't look too bad.

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