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Friday, January 28, 2011
Big News: Adele blows Radio 1 Live Lounge!

I have to admit that I haven't posted anything about Adele's new album/single/song releases, because I.. Don't kill me, was never really a big fan of Adele. I was one of those casual listeners, I guess. I do like her voice though, and the British pop/soul songstress had me falling in love with her current single Rolling In The Deep, a dark, brooding number about lost love. Of course, it's typical Adele, a little rough around the edges and not as polished as say.. The likes of The X Factor and its army of contestants/winners, but when it comes down to raw vocal talent, Only Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke can compare to her.

Nevertheless, Adele's been doing promotion for her sophomore record 21 which is set to top the UK Charts this Sunday over on the Albums side while Ke$ha rocks the Singles Chart midweeks. Nevertheless, Adele did Radio 1 Live Lounge, and thanks to the magical powers of YouTubers, we've got a nifty 26 minute video of her entire set - including songs Don't You Remember, Rolling In The Deep, Hometown Glory etc. And her obligatory Live Lounge cover, and guess who she covered?


Yes. Adele put her own spin on Cheryl's Europoppy #1 smash hit Promise This. I still like Cheryl's more because her cover still seems a little rough around the edges, but she put her own Adele touch. And she adores Cheryl Cole too. Which is always good in my books. ;)

If you're too lazy to go through her entire set, you can just listen to her cover of Promise This below, which is probably why you read through this entire post right?

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