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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Pixie Lott - Cry Me Out & Turn It Up live @ A Concert For Heroes

I'm so sorry I missed this, but better late than never. Gorgeous UK pop star Pixie Lott recently played a gig at A Concert For Heroes and the clip for Boys And Girls surfaced online before subequent performances Cry Me Out and Turn It Up did and I only chanced upon it recently. I usually wouldn't post something that is so late but what makes these two performances so good is that during Cry Me Out, she was too tired to drag her notes and do that annoying warble that plagues a lot of her performances. So all in all, it was a sterling performance. The warble does return for a while in Turn It Up but it's still one of the best, if not the best performance she's ever done in a while. Check out Cry Me Out above and peep Turn It Up below. Have I mentioned she looked gorgeous?


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