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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Big News: Jordin Sparks hits the studio with Claude Kelly!

So much for that little break Jordin Sparks was talking about. Jordin recently landed the role of Nina Rosario in the Tony Award-winning Broadway show In the Heights, playing a limited 12-week Broadway debut engagement at the Richard Rodgers Theatre from August 19 through November 14. And that came straight after the moderate-selling Battlefield Tour.

But Broadway isn't over yet and she recently tweeted that she has returned to the studio with Claude Kelly to work on her third studio album. This means a release date of 2011, also the hottest year in music after a rather lacklustre 2010 so far. But like I said before, what Jordin needs now is an epic ballad showcasing that brilliant vocal range she has, like what Bleeding Love did for Leona Lewis, it's just what Jordin needs to put her back on top.

PS. I have both of her albums and Battlefield was a good album, just that the wrong singles were chosen. S.O.S. (Let The Music Play) should have never been the second single. It definitely should have gone to Emergency (911) and then No Parade, followed by Was I The Only One and Watch You Go should've ended the Battlefield era. Yeah, Jive sucks, I know. They'd better not screw up the third album.

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