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Friday, September 24, 2010
Big News: Pixie Lott's Turn It Up Louder - details!

UK pop sensation Pixie Lott may have just starred in her first movie role playing Judy on Fred: The Movie but the gorgeous blonde songstress isn't giving up on her singing career. She's milking every last drop of her debut album Turn It Up and is set to be a lot busier when Turn It Up Louder is released in the UK. That's right, Turn It Up Louder is a re-release of Turn It Up which has since gone double platinum in the UK after scoring Pixie five consecutive Top 20 UK singles.

Turn It Up Louder will feature 10 brand new tracks compared to the standard album. They've also merged some tracks from the UK iTunes deluxe edition album for some reason, which features covers of Kings of Leon's Use Somebody, When Love Takes Over originally by Kelly Rowland, and finally the other 8 are all originals. The track listing is as follows:

1. Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)
2. Cry Me Out
3. Band Aid
4. Turn It Up
5. Boys and Girls
6. Gravity
7. My Love
8. Jack
9. Nothing Compares
10. Here We Go Again
11. The Way the World Works
12. Hold Me in Your Arms
13. Use Somebody
14. When Love Takes Over
15. Without You
16. Rolling Stone
17. Want You
18. Broken Arrow"
19. Coming Home" (featuring Jason Derulo)
20. Doing Fine (Without You)"
21. Can't Make This Over"
22. Catching Snowflakes

The first 12 songs are as per normal, and Turn It Up Louder will be preceded by her upcoming single Broken Arrow which is set to be released October 12th while the re-release itself will hit stores October 18th.

Pixie is set to conquer the States with debut single Boys And Girls (which was her second consecutive UK #1) and the reworked Stateside version will be released early 2011.

Peep the video for Broken Arrow below which I still haven't gotten tired of yet.

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