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Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Single Review)

Track Listing:

Following the onslaught of her first 2 singles rocketing up the Billboard Charts, Lady Gaga does have quite a lot to live up to. And gosh she did. After the wild performamce of Paparazzi at the MTV VMAs 2009, her single climbed the charts again. And this is really quite good. She starts of with the electropop thing jumping off (as usual), then the chorus really takes you by surprise and it gets stuck in your head pretty much the week after that. That's why it's climbing our charts here. In any case, she serves the same old addictive stuff, and thus, The Fame: Monster is sure to do well. It's not one of those club bangers that predictably go to number 1, but it's really quite good, go have a listen, if you already haven't. And Gaga'll catch you by surprise again. But whether she can get her next album to be so full of hits, who knows?


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