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Friday, October 2, 2009
Leona Lewis - Happy (Single Review)

Track Listing:

I was definitely excited for Miss Bleeding Love's next single. Debut single Bleeding Love went to #1 in 36 countries worldwide and that has since shot her to international stardom overnight. Happy is the lead single from Leona Lewis' Echo and it's a ballad, definitely, it's what Leona Lewis does best anyway. But this differs from Bleeding Love in a way that it's not as impactful upon first listen. But this is still far better than what's higher up on the charts right now. The verses start out with Leona's lower register and then kicks it into high gear as she approaches the chorus. Splendid vocals, splendid lyrics, Leona's sticking to what she does best. If a bit predictable. Right now, the chorus is really growing on me and I think it's a great song, really. Leona Lewis still sings about love and heartbreak, just like many other artist out there in the music industry. But no one comes as close to Leona's amazing vocals.


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