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Saturday, September 12, 2009
In The Spotlight This Week: Esmée Denters

Dutch Youtube sensation Esmée Denters reminds me of JoJo. In terms of her music and her voice that is. In 2008, Justin Timberlake discovered her talent and Esmée Denters signed up as the first artist under Timberlake's new label imprint Tennman in association with Interscope. Esmée added the official music video to the debut single Outta Here from her debut album of the same name, to her official YouTube page on 22nd May 2009, and her second single Admit It on the 3rd September 2009. Both songs have received five star ratings by the YouTube community.

Esmée Denters' manager arranged for her to meet Justin Timberlake at one of his concerts and from there they signed the deal. Tennman Records announced that she would be opening for Timberlake at 10 venues during his 2007 European tour. According to several magazines she is the first unsigned singer in history to go directly from a personal YouTube posting to commercially performing on a major stage.

Is she necessarily the next big thing, I'm not too sure, and JoJo wouldn't be too threatened.

Threats: JoJo

Download "Outta Here" lead single: HERE

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