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Saturday, September 12, 2009
Jordin Sparks - SOS (Let The Music Play) (Single Review)

Track Listing:
SOS (Let The Music Play)

Jordin Sparks' debut album was brilliant, and I really was looking forward to her next album. And when I heard Battlefield I knew her next album would have more catchy tunes. And it was obvious her sophomore album was going to be a bit different from what we are all used to since the first album. I actually quite enjoyed Battlefield, and after buying the album, there were some standout tracks that I thought would be great for singles. And when I first heard that her second single was going to be SOS (Let The Music Play), I was shocked. The "S-S-S-S-SOS" starting of the song made Jordin sound so immature, far from the sound I was used to. The lyrics were creative though. I didn't like the track upon first listen, and after the next few, I still wasn't warming up to it. It was only recently when I heard the song again did I actually start having the song stuck in my head. After playing it a few times, I found the track irritating once again and I hated the "S-S-S-S-SOS" part. That just destroyed the entire track. I liked the fact that the beats were catchy, the lyrics were creative, and I know it's going to do pretty well on the charts. But somehow, it still leaves me a bit cold. And its obvious why Battlefield was the first single instead of this. The next single better be good. It's still a decent track, don't get me wrong, but it's not amazing.


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