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Friday, August 14, 2009
Big News: Selena Gomez debut album's details

Selena Gomez, the Disney Channel star of Wizards Of Waverly Place is going to release her debut album on the 29th of September under the name of her and her band, Selena Gomez and The Scene. In July 2008 she signed a record deal with Hollywood Records. During an interview with MTV in August 2008, Gomez announced that she was planning on releasing a debut album in 2009. “It’s what I’ve gone through with heartache, friendships, and things like that,” Selena tells the June/July issue of Teen Vogue. “I want my fans to know me a little bit better after they hear this record.” The album was originally set to be released in the "summer of 2009" but, People Magazine reported in May 2009 that the album was set for a September 2009 release.

Gomez said during an interview with MTV that the album's music genre will have a pop rock feel to it, and that she plans to play instruments on some of the album's tracks, Gomez said "I will be singing, and I'm learning drums and playing electric guitar". "I basically want to make music that is fun and that parents and kids can jump around to and have a good time to,” Selena revealed.

Selena also recorded a song, entitled "Headfirst", but it will not be on the record.

Writing on her official website, the Wizards Of Waverly Place star explained that she had "taken my time to find my sound" and would embark on an "intense boot camp" in music over the coming weeks.

Selena told Just Jared "That the album will be about Hollywood and what people think about it and essentially how plastic it is sometimes. It's fun and I think girls can relate to it somewhat; for me it was because of Hollywood but it can really relate to a mean girl, an ex-boyfriend, to whoever."

Selena also wrote on her MySpace:"I want it to be fun, energetic, empowering but very good.

There are 11 tracks in the album and one bonus track, which is a new version of Tell Me Something I Don't Know. Selena confirmed in a live chat that she recorded a new version of the song because she recorded the old version when she was younger.

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