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Friday, July 31, 2009
Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again (Album Review)

Track Listing:
1. Here We Go Again
2. Solo
3. U Got Nothin' on Me
4. Falling Over Me
5. Quiet
6. Catch Me
7. Every Time You Lie
8. Got Dynamite
9. Stop the World
10. World of Chances
11. Remember December
12. Everything You're Not
13. Gift of a Friend
14. So Far So Great

So, Demi's second album in less than a year. She looks great on the cover, that's for sure, but for the music, I'm not so sure. She's mainly in the teen pop rock kind of category, which will appeal to most Disney and Demi fans, of course. Disney plays it safe. Here's the thing. I'm not sure it was as good as her previous album, Don't Forget, where there were more than just 2 songs that actually caught on the first time I heard it. Highlights on the album would have to be Here We Go Again and Gift Of A Friend. The rest are forgettable, really.


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