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Thursday, September 29, 2011
Big News: The Saturdays unveil new single "My Heart Takes Over"!

At a Polydor record label meeting, The Saturdays' upcoming third single was mentioned and rumours started flying, with the title supposedly being Heart Takes Over, before The Saturdays confirmed yesterday that the official title is My Heart Takes Over. Everyone was hoping Mollie would land an angelic middle eight, and that the girls would get themselves their own Girls Aloud's Call The Shots/Pussycat Dolls' I Hate This Part. However, the girls premiered their single on Radio 1 just moments ago, with Mollie phoning in herself to premiere the track.

And hey ho. What everyone thought it was, isn't. I always thought Missing You was their I Hate This Part/Call The Shots, and their new single isn't exactly Issues Part II either, it bites a lot harder than the tender, singalong track that Issues was, with Vanessa starting things off with an amazingly angelic verse, before the anthemic chorus hits you in the face like a ton of bricks with all five girls singing in perfect harmony. Rochelle starts the second verse, before the POWEERRRRRR chorus again, then we have Vanessa on the bridge again, before some belting and we launch into the final chorus.

I can't deal with how good Vanessa sounds on this. Let's hope she doesn't disappoint live.

The girls are flying to Iceland for this week to shoot the video, so expect a Christmassy video, much like Blue's Breathe Easy clip.

Peep the full track and official single cover below.

They're really not letting Pixie off with snatching their #1 earlier this month are they, with Pixie just premiering her new single and The Saturdays stealing her thunder now with this.

Also, the girls have squashed rumours they'll be taking a break with Una being pregnant. #SLAY

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