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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Big News: Pixie Lott unveils new single "What Do You Take Me For"!

Apart from being a little sore Pixie Lott beat the likes of The Saturdays and Leona Lewis from getting the UK #1 spot on the Singles Chart, especially since All Fired Up and Collide >>>>>>>>>>>> All About Tonight, and with things being a little quiet over at Sats camp and Leona pushing the release of her album till early next year with Collide doing unexpectedly rather badly by Leona's standards, Pixie has unleashed her new single on us.

The next single isn't out till November 6th, but like how she released the video for All About Tonight ten years before its release, What Do You Take Me For looks set to do the same. Radio 1 premiered the track and honestly, I actually do quite like this one. I loved Pixie to bits when she was on her first album era, then she just milked Turn It Up all she could, shoving ten average to terrible songs onto the tracklisting to make a Turn It Up Louder. All About Tonight also didn't deserve the #1, but What Do You Take Me For is jazzy and sassy. All that I didn't like about the track is that never needed those features, and her voice sounds overly gruff when the chorus comes along.

Still, The Sats + Leona >>>> Pixie 2011

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