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Thursday, December 16, 2010
Big News: Simon Cowell snaps up Rebecca, Cher & One Direction!

Well colour me not surprised. After The X Factor ended last weekend, Simon Cowell has signed all three finalists Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and One Direction to his record label, as reported by The Sun. Of course, Cowell sees the potential in all of them and has gone on to sign them. Rebecca was a shoe-in for a deal. Simon wants her to be his next Duffy/Adele/Amy Winehouse. Now if we could inject some of that much-needed personality..

Then there's One Direction. The act he mentored and loved (because he knew he could make gazillions of them). The 5 Justin Biebers put together annoyed me to no end on the show, because I felt they weren't ready as a band.. Yet. That's not to say they can't really sing. They're just mediocre.

Then there's Miss I'm-Not-Cocky-I'm-Confident Cher Lloyd who is a ball of energy. has expressed interest in taking her under his wing, but he's not exactly a great mentor.. Cher's better off with Simon. Simon has stated "I'd make edgy hip-hop with a bit of pop and electro thrown in. It would have to have lots of attitude but be melodic at the same time." Wonder if Cher's aiming to go straight after Jessie J..

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