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Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Matt Cardle new track: When We Collide

After a couple of years where X Factor judge Cheryl Cole had one of her acts take the eventual crown, this year's X Factor winner was from the Boys' Category, Matt Cardle, mentored by Dannii Minogue. Matt Cardle to The X Factor, to me, is like what Lee DeWyze is to American Idol. First off, there's the paint store background, secondly, it's the singer/songwriter vibe he's giving off. We've seen how Lee DeWyze has done in the States, and if I'm being honest, Matt might suffer the same fate. First off, he's incredibly hard to market, and he needs something groundbreaking/really good if he wants a lasting, successful career.

In a world where pop music seems to be dominated by the do-it-alls (Beyonce), outrageously wild acts trying to outshock each other (Ke$ha, Gaga), coulourful/vibrant/fun (Rihanna, Katy Perry), Matt (and Lee) will be tough to market. We'll see if Simon Cowell can market him right.

On the other hand, Matt may have beaten Rebecca Ferguson, One Direction and Cher Lloyd, but don't dismiss the latter three just yet. Rebecca is a shoe-in for Simon Cowell's record label. She has a beautiful tone to her voice, looks gorgeous, and is humble. But her voice is a problem as well. The beautiful tone in her voice only masks one thing, she doesn't have a wide range (in fact, any range at all). Plus she doesn't seem to have a lot of personality.

One Direction.. Oh dear. The boys we'd all love to hate. But Simon is definitely going to sign them, they're going to do well, sell millions of records, the tweeners will go mad etc. They'll be fine.

Cher Lloyd? She's a little grating to watch sometimes. And she comes off as a bit cocky. Actually not a bit, very cocky. But she's interesting to watch. I'll leave it at that.

Nevertheless, check out Matt's debut single When We Collide below.

Download Link: HERE
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