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Saturday, October 9, 2010
Jessica Mauboy - Get 'Em Girls [Music Video Premiere]

Because I expected a disappointment, I'm not half as disappointed/angered as some of Jessica Mauboy's fans with her new video for Get 'Em Girls. The video is pretty much what you've seen in the clips, pictures, behind the scenes stuff so it's safe to say there wasn't going to be much of a surprise watching this video. However, while Mauboy sounds okay, she looks plain awful in that yellow, orange, red and other jumbled up colours suit that she wore in one of the scenes. But she does look great standing beside Snoop Dogg though, but he looks like more like paedophile so that was a bit. Painful.


Looks like her Aussie audience isn't showing much support for Get 'Em Girls, either. Not like I didn't see it coming. But you know what? I love her debut album and I think if she returns to that kind of sound, she might be a hit once again. C'mon Jessica..

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