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Friday, October 8, 2010
Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart [Music Video Premiere]

After all the this-could-be-a-single-no-wait-that-will-be-a-single mess that has plagued Miley Cyrus' latest album Can't Be Tamed, I just lost all interest and just patiently waited. Then there was news of Cyrus releasing Every Rose Has Its Thorn as the second single in the States (bad move) while Who Owns My Heart will be the next international single. Well, sure took her long enough. The music video for Who Owns My Heart has finally arrived and it has that Europop sound currently dominating airwaves, charts, whatever that I just can't wrap my head round why in the world Hollywood Records didn't want to release this in the States. But then again, you never know, they're messing up promotion with Can't Be Tamed anyway.

But hopefully, this is a fresh start. Cyrus is sticking with the skank image (though I don't like her hair here) and it's obvious she wants to rid every bit of that Disney image, therefore annihilating more of her core fanbase.

Someone give this girl some advice, please.

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