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Friday, August 20, 2010
Big News: Mariah's Christmas album due in stores November!

Katharine McPhee's not the only one with a Christmas album due this year. R&B/pop diva Mariah Carey has a concrete release date for her second Christmas album, November 10th. The album will be the usual Christmas album fare, covers of classics, originals etc. but guess what? Her iconic Christmas single All I Want For Christmas Is You will be reworked! I hope the new version will be more diva-ish will all the vocal acrobatics. Personally, I think this would be good for Mariah despite the comparisons to her first Christmas album.

Oh, in other random Mariah news, she's apparently in talks to be a judge on the American Idol panel. No, no, no. This will hurt her career. Bring back Kara!

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