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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Big News: Listen to Katy Perry's future single "Firework" & album track "Peacock"!

Katy Perry's on a high roll this year. First single California Gurls featuring Snoop Dogg hit #1 all around the world while second single Teenage Dream has already hit the top 10 in many countries. You can expect Teenage Dream bounce back up on the Hot 100 when this week's chart gets released with Teenage Dream holding the second spot on the iTunes top songs list. What we have here is confirmed third single Firework and I'm loving it. I can already see it becoming a massive hit. Plus, Katy has mentioned that her next music video (most likely for Firework) will show a more serious side of her. Can't wait! Listen to Firework below!

Next up is her highly anticipated album track Peacock which she has performed at MTV World Stage in Malaysia and while it's catchy, thanks to it's risque lyrics, I don't think I'll see this becoming a hit on radio, important for songs to be featured on radio and have massive airplay. I wouldn't mind the lyrics if Peacock was as good as Christina Aguilera's criminally underrated WooHoo featuring Nicki Minaj but it's not. Nevertheless, check it out below!

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