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Saturday, May 29, 2010
Christina Aguilera - Bionic (Album Review)

It's no wonder Christina Aguilera has been shrugging off all the Gaga-copycat rumours so confidently - Bionic is a 100% Christina record. Bionic sounds nothing like a Gaga record and even now lead single Not Myself Tonight sounds less like a Gaga song and more like a Christina song. We all know Christina can sing circles around Gaga, but she flexes her voice the most on tracks like Glam and You Lost Me. Some surprises on Bionic include some spoken words by her husband and her child so the record tugs at some heartstrings here. Earlier on, I stated Lift Me Up was the clear ballad standout but on the album, it gets a little "reggae makeover" and the emotion we witnessed at the Hope For Haiti Telethon is lost here. Now, the ballad that seems to be really doing it for me is You Lost Me but the ballads are kept to a minimal while she goes uptempo for majority of the album. A surprising collaboration with Nicki Minaj on second single WooHoo surprisingly works, although at times, I can't tell if it's Nicki or Christina in some parts of the song. Bionic marks a new era in Christina Aguilera's ever-changing musical career and Bionic is a 100% Christina record, resassured.


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