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Saturday, August 1, 2009
Big News: Joanna Pacitti Album Details

Although many people are blaming American Idol for denying Joanna Pacitti of newfound-stardom, I think it helped her. With all the controversy, people are bound to check out who this 'Joanna Pacitti' person really is, and why she was replaced etc. I think it really got her noticed. And strangely enough, if she didn't stand out in Top 36, she would not have made it into the Top 13 or the Wildcard, no matter how much talent she had. If she didn't show it, she'll just be another American Idol contestant that comes and goes. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Now though, Joanna has kept herself busy by touring. She is currently writing and rercording for a new album. I can't wait for her sophomore album. But she's still scouting around for a label to release the album under. Hopefully someone sees her talent, takes the chance, and sign this amazing singer. Should Joanna release another album? And when will be her big break that she deserves? Tell me what you think yeah?

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