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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Britney Spears - Criminal [Music Video Premiere]

Oh Britney. As a whole, the Femme Fatale has been a hit and miss for me. The styling of the entire era was a bit generic, the album itself left me cold, but it did bring us the fabulous bonus tracks Up N Down and Scary. Britney's already easily scored three other top 10 hits with Femme Fatale and now onto her fourth single Criminal, Brit Brit dropped by London to film the unnecessarily dramatic music video.

The clip starts off with Socialite Spears getting bullied by her English husband, before getting slapped by him with real life beau Jason Trawick stepping in as Mr. Criminal to save her. Then the unnecessary drama starts, with B shoplifting and a whole lot of sex scenes and running off with Mr. Criminal and the police fail to catch them.

Like I said, unnecessarily dramatic, especially since Britney isn't the finest actress we've seen around doubling as massive popstars, and overall, the clip doesn't do much for me.

Still, I would like to see this become a hit since it's one of the songs I immediately liked from Femme Fatale.

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