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Saturday, November 13, 2010
Pixie Lott - One Night Stand With Pixie Lott

Looking as pretty as a doll was Pixie Lott on her ITV2 special One Night Stand with Pixie Lott, and you thought Cheryl Cole's Night In was badly titled. But anyway, like what Chezza did to plug her album/singles, Lott did the same and performed hit after hit after hit. So it's just a teaser of what you'd expect her debut headlining tour The Crazycats Tour to be then.

Opening with her debut #1 UK Single Mama Do (Uh Oh Uh Oh), the crowd looked like they were having fun and were incredibly supportive, probably her bigger fans then, because the performance was a little lifeless and dull. Oops.

Turn It Up was the usual kind of Turn It Up performance you'd come to expect from Pixie. Come on Pixie, up the energy level a little!

Lott then moved on to a cover of Plan B's She Said acoustic, just before a costume change. I must say, her guitarist isn't too shabby a player (see the beginning before Pixie comes out).

Lott continued her acoustic set with Kings of Leon's mega hit Use Somebody. Again, Lott didn't do anything special with it, but the energetic audience seemed to love it.

After another change of outfit, Pixie returned with her third single Cry Me Out. As usual, it was okay, not memorable, but okay. Vocally, however, it was probably one of the best moments of the show.

She then went on to her perform her latest UK Top 20 single Broken Arrow. Vocally, it was another pretty good performance, but it was rather devoid of emotion. Pity, could've been great. The usual Broken Arrow performance then.

Lott then moved on to Can't Make This Over, a track from Turn It Up Louder. She confirmed on Twitter that she was going to shoot, or has already shot a video for the song, and seeing that she just delivered her first televised performance of the song, it's probably going to be her next single. Sounds like another Top 20 to me, but I desperately need an uptempo for the next single (or Catching Snowflakes, a standout from Turn It Up Louder).

Lott then moved on to a medley of Last Nite, Meet Me Halfway and You Were Young and actually had some energy this time. Hmmmm. Well, as a last performance, it's a little too late to save the whole show. Wonder why she skipped Boys And Girls though.

Okay, she DID end the night with Boys And Girls but the performance STILL lacked a bit of energy. The break in the performance with the dancing wasn't spectacular but it had shades of brilliance.


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