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Saturday, November 6, 2010
Big News: Christina Aguilera returns to the studio

Like every good popstar with an album labelled as a 'flop', Christina Aguilera is ready to move on. The music star has a new movie Burlesque coming out, but it's been a rough past couple months for her following her highly publicised divorce with ex-husband, suffering media backlash with fourth studio album Bionic which is her least successful record, selling less than a million copies worldwide, and is the UK's lowest selling #1 album in chart history. Ever. Bummer.

But the singer's recent interview with InStyle shows that she's ready to move on. The songstress says that the next album will be "introspective" and have "a different vibe" and that "I think now we're back to going a little deeper, in the vein where I recorded my Stripped record, which was very personal and more introspective."

But I hope Aguilera can write a couple of songs her own, we know how well that did for Taylor Swift.. Can't wait.

2011: Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake (rumoured), and now Christina Aguilera?! BRING IT ON.

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