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Monday, October 18, 2010
Katy Perry - Firework live on The X Factor

Diana Vickers wasn't the only star performing on The X Factor's latest results show. International pop star Katy Perry took to the stage to perform her brand new single Firework. The performance, like Vickers, worked because the stage set-up and the props were top notch. But unlike Vickers, Perry was actually vocally impressive, for a Katy Perry performance that is. But when she first started, she was barely audible, till she hit her stride and blasted the first chorus and she stayed at full confidence since then.

Just a note: next week, Rihanna & The X Factor judge Cheryl Cole will take to the stage. Rihanna will most probably sing Only Girl (In The World), while Cheryl will perform Promise This, the lead singles lifted off from their fifth album LOUD! and sophomore album Messy Little Raindrops respectively.


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