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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Big News: Alexandra Burke confirms next single!

UK pop/R&B star Alexandra Burke has had a very strong career coming off The X Factor (UK) since she won the reality TV singing competition back in 2008, beating out pop boyband JLS. Burke has had 3 UK #1s and all of her other singles have all been Top 10 hits in the UK. I've always wanted Burke to release a ballad as a single, but I knew Simon would never allow Burke to because we all know very well Burke is a threat to ballad queen Leona Lewis' crown.

Surprise, surprise! Burke's next single is The Silence, a fantastic gem from her album. RedOne says that there'll be a new version out on December. Interesting. I'm stoked for this, partly because it's Burke's first ballad release. But when there were rumours swirling that Dumb was going to be the next single, my absolute favourite from the album Overcome, it kind of made me anticipate that news. But oh well, The Silence is great, and we all know Burke can sing the heck out of the song. Check it out below and be prepared to get chills.

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