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Saturday, August 28, 2010
New Artist: Tamar Kaprelian

I've been meaning to post this new artist I've been into lately called Tamar Kaprelian. Tamar first found fame when she won a contest held by OneRepublic on YouTube when the band requested YouTubers to submit their covers of Apologize and Tamar won. OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder brought her to the attention of Interscope Records and she quickly inked a deal with the record label. Since then, the Armenian American singer-songwriter started work on her debut record Sinner or a Saint with help from some of the boys from OneRepublic. In fact, Ryan Tedder helped to co-write Sinner or a Saint, which I presume will be the next single following New Day. After listening to her whole album, I will say that it's a classy debut and she's pretty much like Sara Bareilles. Nevertheless, be sure to check out her debut album and get her debut single below.

Download Link: New Day


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