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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Big News: Pixie Lott's debut US single will be "Boys And Girls"!

After setting the UK and Europe on fire with her hit singles Mama Do, Boys And Girls, Cry Me Out, Gravity and Turn It Up, British pop starlet Pixie Lott has been reworking her debut album Turn It Up for the States, recording duets with Joe Jonas and Jason DeRulo and going back into the studio to record new material. While Pixie's gearing for her US release, she's not abandoning the UK. Her next UK single will be Broken Arrow while the next UK single will be Coming Home featuring Jason DeRulo. Pixie Lott's been a busy girl, alright, headlining major festivals, going to the States to meet record labels, plus she's got a movie coming out! Lott will star in Fred: The Movie!

But first things first, her breakthrough to the States. She will release her debut US single Boys And Girls (her second UK #1) August 24th under Interscope Records and the US version of Turn It Up will be released early 2011. Billboard has already named Pixie 2010's Artist To Watch which should bode well for her. Can't wait!

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