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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Big News: Jessie James reveals new album title!

Ooh. Pop/country starlet Jessie James has revealed to Beatweek Magazine the title of her upcoming sophomore album. Guess what? I'd have never guessed it. It's Daughter of A Gypsy. I'm intrigued. It's an interesting title and perhaps the album will be a tad darker compared to her self-titled debut? Either way, I'm excited. Apparently, the inspiration for Daughter of A Gypsy came from one of the songs on the album What Am I Here For, which has a line in it that says "Daughter of a gypsy, fourteen different homes" which refers to her upbringing in fourteen different places as they always travelled, "sometimes for no reason at all". The album is scheduled to drop August 24th. By the way, Boys In The Summer has debuted on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart standing at #16 so far. Oh, Katy Perry's smash sophomore album Teenage Dream is scheduled to drop on the same date. If Boys In The Summer is a surprise smash for Jessie, she could be Katy Perry's rival on that date. (Though that's unlikely to happen thanks to little promo).

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