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Monday, May 3, 2010
Big News: Jason DeRulo nabs "Best Album of March"!

Pop/R&B star Jason DeRulo has certainly proven himself to be a major player in the music industry, nabbing chart-topping hits Whatcha Say and In My Head all over the world. DeRulo is getting ready to release his third single Ridin' Solo tomorrow in the US and on the 31st in the UK. Getting Best Album of March means he beat R&B veteran Usher, country newcomer Danny Gokey, UK pop sensation Ellie Goulding, and teen pop/R&B sensation Justin Bieber.

By the way, April had too few notable releases for the poll for Best Album of April and thus I'll be combining it with May's releases like what I did in January and February. The poll for Best Album of April/May will be available at the start of June.

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