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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Big News: Best of 2009

Well, well. 2009's quickly drawing to a close and so far I have received a lot of comments about my blog having 'interesting polls'. And with that, I shall have this segment apart from the MRAs where you guys can email me at and I would like you guys to send in 5 of your personal choices for these categories:

- Song
- Album
- Underrated Song

- Best Artist's Youtube Channel
- Most exciting Music Awards
- Best Host at a Music Awards

The latter 3 are the more 'quirky' ones. Haha. Anyway, submit your nominations by 31st December and the music releases have to be from 1st January 2009 - 15th December 2009. Thanks. =) Oh yes, and while you're there, please only send in 10 of your favourite artists this year to be featured in my "Best of 2009" banner that I'll put up soon. For this, please submit the 10 artists by 26th of December this year. So, I can put it up soon. Thanks again.

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