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Monday, November 30, 2009
Allison Iraheta - Just Like You (Album Review)

With Kris Allen only managing to sell about 80, 000 copies of his debut album in its first week of release, and all the surrounding controversy with Adam Lambert, I'm hoping Allison posts the highest first week sales of any Season 8 alumni. She deserves it too. From feisty uptempo numbers to slow ballads, Allison shines on Just Like You. She brought much of her American Idol rocker attitude to her debut disc while keeping her trademark vocals as splendid as ever. On tracks like Scars, You Don't Know Me and Trouble Is, she impresses by pulling off these midtempo/ballads well. On the other side, with songs like first single Friday I'll Be Over U, Robot Love and Holiday, she brings the feisty attitude needed to sing these kind of songs. This album has been on replay all the time so far, not once getting sick of it. This girl has a future, a very bright one ahead of her.


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