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Saturday, August 22, 2009
Kristinia Debarge - Exposed (Album Review)

Track Listing:
1. Somebody
2. Future Love
3. Speak Up
4. Goodbye
5. Sabotage
6. Died in Your Eyes
7. Powerless
8. Cried Me a River
9. Doesn't Everybody Want to Fall in Love
10. It's Gotta Be Love
11. Disconnect

Kristinia Debarge's debut album, Exposed is out and many compared Debarge's sound to Jordin Sparks. Here's the thing. Her Goodbye and Sabotage are easily the best tracks of the album. The thing about her is that she sounds different on the various tracks of her album. Some of the tracks make her sound like a little Disney girl while on other tracks, she sounds more mature and while it isn't a world of difference, sometimes you wonder if it's really her. It's obvious Jordin Sparks has a better sound overall because she sounds more explosive. I don't think Goodbye or the other singles will top Jordin's #10 peak with Battlefield on the Hot 100 chart. Kristinia is definitely more inexperienced as Jordin already has two albums out, nevertheless, Kristinia made a more smashing debut than Jordin Sparks on her first album. If this is a sign of things to come, and if Kristinia's second album tops her first, Jordin really better watch out, because there's a new kid on the block.


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